Reasons For Medical Tourism Growth in India

Reasons For Medical Tourism Growth in India

Medical tourism is a term given to phenomena of patients travelling to another nation seeking a medical cure. That is why; medical tourism in India refers to the patients from other nations coming to India to get the medical treatments. India is regarded as the top 03 destinations for medical tourism in Asia with Thailand and Singapore; it is accounted for 60% of the Asian revenue by healthcare.

Medical tourism in India is expected to boost at a rate of 20%. It is a promising filed for India and it is rising at a rapid rate. The medical tourism industry in India is working very hard and introducing new plans to make it better.

The boom of the Medical Tourism

It is a well-known fact; medical tourism in India is rising at an increasing rate. Therefore, a question which arises in our mind is the essential factors, which are responsible for growth in this sector. Answer to the question is quite straightforward, several factors are leading to the increased influx of patients from other nations seeking a cure in India.

Factors Contributing Towards the Rising Medical Tourism:

Quality Treatment at Logical Costs

With state-of-the-art health care centres and technologies equal to those found in the developed countries, patients expect quality healthcare and help for their situation.

Savings for Patient

Some of the developed nations such as the U.S. and UK need high prices for main processes such as surgeries, treatments, and many more. When you come to India and getting same treatment decreases patient’s prices by 50%, without compromising on treatment quality. With lower costs, patients going to India can afford quality services such as hospital stay during the recovery and rehabilitation that would be expensive in the home country.

Bypassing the Waiting Lists

A huge reason why the patients from other nations select medical tourism here in India is immediate attention to a health concern, where the same might need long wait in the home country. This is true for patients with chronic conditions who surely have to wait with medicines in their own country before they have a chance to get operated upon.

Best Doctors

Most of the best hospitals in India have doctors who have spent big time of study or practice and know the most advanced technologies and process to be able to give the same in India. That is why patients like medical tourism in India with skilled and acclaimed health professionals present in sub-continent.

Tailored Approach

Hospitals providing health care facilities to the tourists today have a well-thought plan for checking patients that include services ranging from obtaining a medical visa, arranging appointments, to facilitating the transportation for health care along with the sightseeing.

The estimated value of medical tourism in India industry is $4 billion with health care tourism getting good growth for a decade. India welcomes 1.27 million health patients from nations like the UK, along with tourists from nearby nations such as Bangladesh. As the medical tourism industry in India has made several arrangements for the patients coming from abroad, people prefer India as their medical tourism destination.

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