Complete Information About Getting An Indian Medical Visa

Complete Information About Getting An Indian Medical Visa

When a person is facing some health issues, in which he has to spend a big amount, he prefers to go to some other country where he can get the treatment at a lower cost. Though India is a developing nation at here you can get the best treatment which can match the quality of the hospitals of developed countries. That is why; patients from other nations come to India to get the best medical care at a reasonable cost. Getting an Indian medical visa is not a very difficult task and if you adhere to the rules and fulfill all the required conditions, you can easily get one for your treatment. 

Know the Eligibility

India is very lenient when giving visa to other nations especially European and American countries. But there is a process that you need to stick to so that you may get Indian medical visa for the treatment. At first, you have to fulfill all the eligibility conditions. 

Any person living abroad can have an Indian medical visa if he has a genuine health problem, which needs to be cured. So in case you want to get the best treatment from famous Indian hospitals, you are advised to get the Indian medical visa. 

A patient or applicant can take a maximum of two attendants with him into the other nation. 

Though their visa will be called as medical attendant visa and the validity of it will be the same as that of medical visa.

Some health-related issues that are given preference when deciding medical visa. These ailments are plastic surgery, gene therapy, radiotherapy, joint replacement, ophthalmic disorder, congenital disorder, renal disorder, organ transplantation, neurosurgery and heart-related issues.

The validity of Medical Visa

Usually, the medical visa validity is for one year or for the total time frame for which the patient treatment is being done, whichever arrives earlier. The patient is allowed to come to the nation for medical treatment for a maximum 3 times in a year. Plus, you need to keep in mind that the date of issue of a medical visa is considered as the starting date and not the one when the patient enters into the country.

If a patient wants to extend his visa time limit, he will have to submit the request to the concerned department. The department checks all the enclosed documents and if the papers are fine then the patient gets permission to stay for a long time. 

And if the patient still wants to extend his stay in the nation then the matter will be taken care of by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The ministry can reject or accept the application after checking all the documents and based on its conscience. 


Every single patient will have to register himself with FRRO/FRO within the first 14 days of arrival in the nation. The registration process is the same for most of the countries but it is a bit different for some of the sub-continental nations.

In all, getting an Indian medical visa is an easy task but you need to stick to the terms and conditions of the department.

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