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Organ transplantation is often the only treatment for end-state organ failure in which an organ is removed from one body and placed in the body of the recipient to replace the damaged organ. Organs that can be successfully transplanted include the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, intestine, pancreas and thymus.

Organ transplantation is often a lifesaving act and gives the recipient a wonderful new lease on life, but also involves a major surgery that carries potential risks. The process must follow legal requirements, including the consent of the donator.

Health Nirvaana provides fully equipped organ transplantation service in India and is committed to bring the benefits of cutting-edge technology to its patients from around the world.

Most often and most commonly done transplantation includes the following:

  • Kidney transplant
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Liver transplant
  • Pancreas transplant
  • Gallbladder transplant

Health Nirvana provides cost-effective organ transplantation service that fits your budget without compromising the quality or clinical outcomes. Our organization is counted among one of the best medical organization for organ transplant in India and has a worldwide reputation for our high-quality work in organ transplantation and organ transplant treatments.

Organ Transplant PackagesDays in HospitalProcedure Cost (USD)
Kidney Transplant (Unrelated Donor and Recipient)7 – 1410000
Kidney Transplant (Related Donor and Recipient)7 – 147000
Bone Marrow TransplantDepends on Treatment35000 – 45000
Liver Transplant SurgeryDepends on Treatment45000 – 55000
Unilateral With Digisynic Implant315000
Bilateral With Digisynic Implant328000

The charges mentioned in the above packages are just an estimate and are subject to change, depending on the medical problem and condition of the patient. These are not final packages as post-surgical complications also have a say in the actual bill.


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