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Cardiology and Heart Treatment

Health Nirvaana is associated with experienced cardiologists to deliver the perfect heart treatment and recuperative plan. We educate the patient before the surgery with every fact involved in the surgery and maintain the transparency in the procedure, facilities and related costs. We provide quality services to our international clients and also assist them with the arrangements by keeping their key concerns in mind, providing them with the utmost care and professionalism.

Cardiology from Greek word kardia meaning “heart” and logia means “study”, is a branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the heart. This field includes the medical diagnosis and treatments of the congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, electrophysiology and valvular heart disease.

Health Nirvaana’s Cardiology Department provide the best-in-class services in terms of accurate diagnosis and professional treatment. Our experienced team of doctors specialise in cardiac bypass surgery, minimally invasive surgery, interventional and non-invasive cardiology.

Health Nirvaana also provide ambulatory systems for emergencies along with non-invasive image processing, echocardiography, stress tests, cardiovascular CT’s and thallium heart mapping among many others.

Cardiology and Heart Treatment PackagesDays in HospitalProcedure Cost (USD)
Robotic Heart Surgery4 – 712000 – 15000
ValvuloplastyDepends on Treatment2200
Open Heart Surgery (CABG)95500
Pacemaker DeviceDepends on Treatment8000 – 15000
Pacemaker InstallationDepends on Treatment3000
ICD Combo Device Implant316500
Angiography (Including Non-Ionic Contrast) 1400
Angioplasty (Including Non-Ionic Contrast) 24200
Angioplasty (One Medicated Stent) (Cypher)26500
Coronary Angioplasty (Including Two Stent)Depends on Treatment10000
Pediatric Cardiac Surgery – ASD/VSD/AV Repair, MV Repair/Paediatric TOF94200
AVR and MVR (With One Valve)Depends on Treatment10000
AVR and MVR (With Two Valves)Depends on Treatment12500

The charges mentioned in the above packages are just an estimate and are subject to change, depending on the medical problem and condition of the patient. These are not final packages as post-surgical complications also have a say in the actual bill.


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